Ultra compact touch screen kiosk available in many colors, it is the ideal low-cost solution for managing queues and personalized customer service. Custom colors.

QMTT2 is a multimedia touch screen kiosk for managing queues, is available in various colors and encompasses a high stability and rigidity throughout its structure. Being a low cost kiosk, it is accessible to any type of company that wants to make all the management of personalized service of its clients. The places where the tablet and printer are installed are secured with safety locks facilitating accessibility to maintenance tasks.


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  • Power supply: 230V
  • Screen: TFT Multi touch  10.1”, 1280×800 PX
  • Touch Technology: Capacitive
  • Communication: TCP / IP cable (receives via Router), Wireless, Micro USB, Bluetooth
  • CPU: Quad-Core 1.3 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Operating System: Android 10
  • Material: Aluminum composite 4mm
  • Printer: Thermal 60mm, auto cut
  • Sound: Yes
  • Disk: 32 GB
  • Application Environment: Interiors
  • Operating Temperature: -10 °C a 75 °C
  • Protection: IP50
  • Color: White, Black, Other (opt.)
  • Weight: 15 KG
  • Dimensions: 290x380x1170mm
  • Base Dimensions: 290x380x40mm
  • Optional:Custom Color and Custom Decoration with the Client Image (logo, images, LED lighting, and more